Fort Saulsbury, DE
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Delaware's Forgotten Fort
Under construction.  This page will be about the fort during WW2 including the P.O.W. camp.
With the threat of another war looming in the near future, plans were made to increase and improve the facilities of Fort Saulsbury.  In 1939, eight buildings were to be added to the fort with completion in 1940.  The contract cost of $60,000 allowed a Mess Hall, a Recreation Hall, a Storehouse, an Infirmary, an Administration Building and three personnel Barracks to be erected.  Two of the barracks were for enlisted personnel and one was an officer barracks.
Other improvements included upgrading the sewer and water systems, the construction of a Post Exchange (PX) building and enclosing the fort property with cyclone fencing.  Additionally, the fort was also supplied with electrical service.
World War II
In addition to the construction at the fort, supporting Fire Control Towers were also being built.  Unlike the Fire Control towers for Fort Miles that were concrete structures, the Fort Saulsbury towers were steel framed with corrugated steel covering.  The towers were 70 feet in elevation.  (See tab FC Towers)
An aerial view of Fort Saulsbury marked 1940 shows Battery Haslet at left with Battery Hall to right.  Just above Battery Haslet, the structure with the black roof is the Ordinance Shop.  The building in the center between the two batteries with the light colored roof was the Officer's Quarters.  There is an unconfirmed report that the structure was later used as POW quarters.  The foundation for this building remains today.  (See tab "Army Surplus.") 
This is a map layout of the fort after the WW2 structures were built.  Since this graphic is not legible, I intend to do a complete plan view that will show the locations of all buildings and replace this drawing.
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To be Added:

Information on the Battery Haslet guns being moved to Fort Miles.

Information regarding the P.O.W. camp at the Fort Saulsbury.
The guns and carriages of Battery Haslet were authorized to be moved to Battery 519, Fort Miles on 8 Jan 1943 and the emplacement began in March 1943. 
This is a photo of the three Army barracks at Fort Saulsbury with troops out front.  This view is looking in a westery direction.